Web 2.0 – still the best IT concept!

By | 05/03/2008

What are the most popular terms used in the world of IT? Lets do a Google battle – multimedia 300 million, interactive 225 mill, Web 2.0 70 mill, new media 32 mill, and usability 21 millions. Web 2.0 actually beats new media and usability, I find that both surprising and impressive.
When Tim O’Reilly in 2005 wrote his article “What is Web 2.0”, he ended the article with eight Web 2.0 Design Patterns. The term Web 2.0 was coined in order to help designers be innovative, creative and positive. The design patterns describe new media, and they can be used as design patterns, in order to help designers check if they utilize the full potential of new media.
Lev Manovich tried to do the same with his definition of new media, and Manovich really did an outstanding job. I love his book “The language of new media”. But I don’t think he came anywhere near capturing the hearts and minds of the IT industry. I think this is partly because Manovich focused on the computer database, and not the synergy that arises when you combine the computer database with a computer network. But perhaps more importantly, I think Manovich incapable of expressing himself in a language that could catch the imagination of an industry.
Just like it has become fashionable to declare Second life for dead, there is and has been a lot of criticism of the term Web 2.0. If you go to university and study for example literature, you are thought to analyse, compare and criticise. But you are unfortunately not thought how to write a good story, how to be innovative, creative and positive. So it is not surprising that the world of academia, so very often chooses to look at things in hindsight. You can’t analyse, compare and criticise, until someone else has been innovative, creative and positive.
I must admit I don’t have what it takes to be innovative and creative, but I can be positive. I think Web 2.0 the best IT concept ever, and I don’t have to explain why. It has been explained perfectly by Tim O’Reilly in his classic article “What is Web 2.0”. I can’t wait till someone will once again startle me with an article that is just as innovative and creative.

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