I and the world

By | 02/05/2009
The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

They always said, “We and the world,” for they believed themselves to be half the world, and the better half too. Organizations and people alike tend to overestimate their own importance, and they end up talking to themselves. Auto communication, or in other words talking to one self, is a term used to describe when individuals or organizations communication from and to oneself. Here is a blog by the company zmags.com – notice lots of post, and absolutely not a single comment – auto communication, talking in the void or people just don’t want to comment? I think it is auto communication, they don’t connect with their customers.

Why My Blog Gets No Comments? Have you written a blog post, and gotten no comments? A former boss of mine has written an excellent blog post on whether a boss becomes a better leader from blogging. I think that a blog it is at least a good way to experiment with communication, and get to realize just how challenging it is to build and audience, and to uphold a dialogue with that audience. The “I and the world” attitude is prevalent in many organizations, and opening up for comments on your website can be an eye opener as to whether your actually connect with your customers. It can be a way of putting the communication department under pressure, it can be a way of putting your whole organization under pressure. I have previously written about the fear of user generated content, and I think that facing that fear and putting your organisation under the pressure of user generated content is be better than hiring hundreds of communication, human resource, business, marketing gurus.

Comments on a web page can scare organizations and people alike, but they are a good measure as to whether you connect with your customers. Nothing like a blog post with no comments to remind you about that (my last blog post got no comments). I am going to sit right down, and write myself another blog post. If I get no comments, I must think of it as being a therapeutic activity.

Do you know an organisation that is in the “I and the world” category? Do you have some good links to suggestions as to how to build the community, and open that dialouge?

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