Why your facebook ads clicks exceeds your visits in Google analytics?

By | 27/01/2012
Facebook ads and Google analtycis

Facebook ads and Google analtycis

Facebook ad clicks vs. Analytics visits – why is there such a big discrepancy between Facebook ads clicks and visits that Analytics shows? It’s beacuse you are linking your facebook ads to a facebook page where you have iframed the page with the analytics code. Internet Explorer will not allow the use of cookies from pages within an iframe, and analytics works with the help of cookies.

In analytics go to Audience, Technology, Browser & OS. How many visits do you get from Internet Explorer, if it is next to nothing, then you have found out why there is a difference between Facebook ad clicks and the visits that Analytics reports. What you need to solve it is a Platform for Privacy Preferences – P3P.

  1. Find a P3P generator – I used this one http://pics.enc.or.jp/privacy/tools/p3pwiz/p3p_en.html
  2. Fill out everything marked with red – and Under Data structure you paste in this
    <DATA ref=”#dynamic.clickstream”/>
    <DATA ref=”#dynamic.http”/>
  3. Press the button – Generate P3P Privacy Policy
  4. Make two documents in notes – p3p.xml and policy.xml
  5. In p3p.xml – copy and paste the result from the generator. The P3P Policy (XML) into policy.xml, and copy and paste PRF (XML) into p3p.xml – make sure the link looks like this <POLICY-REF about=”https://www.example.com/w3c/policy1.xml#policy1″>
  6. In your index.php file, where you have the analytics code you need to ad this line as the very first line header(‘P3P:  policyref=”https://www.example.com/w3c/p3p.xml”, CP=”COPY AND PATE THE COMPACT POLICY FROM THE GENERATOR “\r\n\r\n”‘);
  7. Ad this to the html header – <Link REL=”P3Pv1″ href=”https://www.example.com/w3c/p3p.xml”;>
  8. Upload p3p.xml and policy.xml  to
  • P3P reference file: https://www.example.com/w3c/p3p.xml
  • Full P3P policy: https://www.example.com/w3c/policy.xml

Is there an easier way -if you find it let me know :) If this helped you, then please give me a facebook like, a G+ or a tweet – thanks.

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